International Collaborations - Cadillac

Floral arrangements of 12th century Greek art; leopard prints connoting the cavemen era of folk art; drapes of the Roman ages; tassels like Byzantine artistry; Rembrandt's palette of colors and even Da Vinci's Monalisa's outfit has been used by Abedin to represent art through the ages. A special highlight of Abedin's new line has also been a thematic photo shoot stylised against a customised Cadillac CTS-V Sport Sedan swathed in a Van Gogh painting.

"At Cadillac, we are committed to building our brand on the art & design philosophy, a philosophy that we are extending beyond our vehicles to embodying the local talent we support. Here in the Middle East, Queen of Spades is a brand that is very much in line with the creativity and innovation we believe in and we are excited to be working with Lamya Abedin in bringing her seventh collection to life for the show," said Adrian Enciso, Regional Brand Manager of Cadillac.