International Collaborations - D3 For Harpers Bazaar

In collaboration with D3, Dubai Design District, and Harpers Bazaar, Fashion 2020 begins to build to rule the world!

"In Dubai, we are enablers. We give the right environment for companies to excel. If there will be a Dubai brand, it will come from one of the entrepreneurs." Dr. Amina Al Rustamani.

A collaborative photoshoot was organized to bring together some of the home grown designers who have managed to make all the difference in their own ways. Khalid Shafar, Natalie Trad, Khalid Al Qasimi, Zayan Ghandour, Ayesha Depala, Lamya Abedin of Queen of Spades, stand beside Dr. Amina Al Rustamani as potential d3 designers.

"Dubai Design District is an ecosystem for global design and creative minds. D3 is creative collective where local designers neighbour global brands. A gateway for regional ideas to access the world. A conduit for international companies to discover new Middle Eastern talent. " source d3.

"A true designer is one who brings life to style and help inspire fashion classics that will remain true across the realms of time.

Dubai Design District is a vehicle that will enable such creativity, set to bring about a bold and lasting impression. This initiative would surely instill all beauty that relates to the world of fashion. The UAE has always been a trend-setter, and unquestionably can stylishly turn into one of the leading fashion capitals of the world ." Quote by Lamya Abedin.

A lovely introduction of d3 in the city's most leading fashion, most loved, most read, and most inspired fashion magazine. Harpers Bazaar portray and style the future of fashion in their biggest issue of the year with a story yet to be read for many years to come.