About Lamya Abedin, Founder & Creative Director of Queen of Spades:

"A true designer is one who brings life to style and help inspire fashion classics that will remain true across the realms of time." Lamya Abedin.

An Emarati self-taught designer who learned from trials, errors, and perseverance. Lamya believes real life experiences, travel, history, culture, heritage are the best books to look up any inspiration from. Nothing was ever planned, Lamya only found her true passion.

Her ardent love for fashion, styling, beauty, textile, culture, and history got the better of her. Having lived most of her life out of the UAE in various countries in the Gulf, Middle East, Europe and North Africa, she decided to take a lesson in the
 diversity of cultures and folklore and create something unique and novel in the fashion industry. So she blended the cultures she had experienced into her designs, to give her national dress a whole new fashion statement.

Her designs have seen reflections of unique forms of traditional wear from around the world.

Designing started as a passion more than a business. It all started in 2008, while searching for a special abaya for herself in Dubai, she found she wasn't able to find that "One-of-a-Kind" piece and that led to create her own line of abayas – all individual pieces of creativity and exclusivity.

When many started to admire her unique ensembles, she was encouraged to let her creativity take another step and build her brand – Queen of Spades.

If you're wearing Lamya's creation you are most likely to be the only one in your city to own that piece. Therefore succeeding in making her women clientele feel so special like no other and giving the abaya a creative exuberance she had always dreamed for.

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